Closure of a Company

Closure of a company is the result of any possible reasons.An inactive or dormant company can be wound up to avoid annual compliance formalities and a penalty for non-compliance.

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Winding up of a company may be required due to several reasons including the closure of business, loss, bankruptcy, passing away of promoters, etc., The procedure for winding up of a company can be initiated voluntarily by the shareholders or creditors or by a Tribunal.

Closing a company voluntarily require long procedural compliance to follow. Certain mandatory requirements have to be completed to close down a company voluntarily.

The steps can be followed online even. DealTax follows an easy procedure to close a company online.


What is the closure of any Company?
By completing the procedures of closing a company, it will lose its identity asa separate legal entity.
Is it mandatory to file ROC for closing a company?
It is important to update ROC as ROC or MCA officially announces the close or incorporation of any company.
Even though the business of the company is closed unless closure documents are filed and approved by the ROC, the company is not legally closed and the OPC needs to file all the regular returns.
What documents are required to close an OPC?
Application for Striking off of the OPC, Board Resolution for closure, Consent of Directors, Director's Affidavit, Indemnity Bond, Statement of Assets and Liabilities.
What is the time limit to file closure of the company?
The Form has to filled be filed with ROC office within 30 days from the date of Signing of the Statement of Assets and Liabilities.
Can the closure of the company be done online?
Yes, the steps of closing a company can be followed online even. DealTax follows an easy procedure to close a company online
Does the closure of the company bear any expenses?
Yes, it involves a nominal fee.

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